Convenient Stores

Innovative! New! Exclusive and Different! Metsovo Baking Company has arrived to meet the needs of consumers on the go! YoGo Cakes keep their freshness and taste allowing people on the move to enjoy it anywhere, anytime. Greek Yogurt Cakes are a great snacking option for those who love healthy snacks on the go. You will find our YoGo Cakes in convenient stores nationwide under our YoGo brand or private label.

Product Pack: 7-2pk per caddy
4 caddy per Master Case (Available for Resale Use).

Delicious flavors: 
Blueberry, Tuxedo, Brownie


Product Pack: 14pk Tub- Individually wrapped
8 Tubs per Master Case (Availble for Resale Use).

Delicious flavors:
Blueberry, Tuxedo, Raspberry, Brownie, Guava, Cinnamon, Apple Muesli, Creamed Corn, Pumpkin.