In-Store Bakery

Across the nation, in-store bakery consumers have a growing desire for healthier gourmet options. Greek Yogurt Cakes best showcase this indulgence. YoGo Cakes!! Made with Real Greek Yogurt, topped and swirled with grade A blueberries; this item is a truly satisfying mix between your health conscious and sweet tooth craving.

Metsovo Baking Company has an extensive line for in-store bakery. We offer our own line in addition to extensive capabilities for all your private label needs.

Yogo Cakes! Baked Fresh and Blast Frozen – Cakes taste like they were just baked.

Packed in clamshells ready for Thaw n’ Sell.

Join the Greek Yogurt Cake Craze and see your sales grow!

Delicious Flavors Available:

Blueberry, Tuxedo, Raspberry, Brownie, Guava, Cinnamon, Apple Muesli, Creamed Corn, Pumpkin.