Delicious Flavors: 

Blueberry: Swirled with real blueberries
Tuxedo: Topped with real chocolate chips

Brownie: Swirled with yogurt.

Guava: Swirled with real guava.

Raspberry: Swirled with real raspberries.
Cinnamon: Swirled with Saigon cinnamon and yogurt.

Pumpkin: Made with pumpkin spiced cake and filled with real pumpkin and yogurt.

Apple Muesli: Made with fresh apples, rolled oats, and Korintji cinnamon.

Creamed Corn: Swirled with creamed corn and topped with real corn on the cob.

WELCOME! To the Delightfully Delicious World of YOGO!!!

Our Greek Yogurt Cakes deliver a rich smooth taste with many health benefits, a great tasting snack from morning to late night.

YoGo Cakes! Topped and Swirled using only the highest quality ingredients.