Our History

Metsovo Baking Company is a family owned wholesale bakery with over 30 years of experience, dedication, and a reputation of creating quality baked goods nationwide. Our family is committed to being industry leaders, not followers, as evidenced of our innovative creation of Greek Yogurt Cakes.

Growing up in the mountains of Greece homemade yogurt was a daily meal with honey that was made from our own beehives. Our family history starts in Metsovo, Greece where are roots go back 4 generations of sheepherders. Our great great grandfather had the largest herd in the earlier 1900’s in Metsovo. Our family made delicious, creamy, one-of-a- kind homemade yogurt and other dairy products from their own sheep, goats and cows.

We noticed that the food trends were moving towards the Mediterranean diet and decide to make Greek Yogurt Cakes it was only natural for us to use our family recipe coming from a small town in Greece that has more sheep, goats and cows then people. The yogurt is magical!

It is not by chance that we make the Best Greek Yogurt Cakes in the world!

We were born with a yogurt spoon in our mouths!

Please visit our hometown of Metsovo, Greece